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The First Nations of the American Continent, need to live a brilliant moment in their history, development, and cultural integration, are ambitious slogans within the framework of a social and atypical political process which includes in its agenda a spirit of reconciliation with the original peoples of the first nations, which is unprecedented in contemporary history.

In this context, can the First Nations in practice decide their own destiny? To begin an uncertain adventure, amid the rebirth of hope? We challenge ourselves, to overcome the curse of a hopeless continent as the only apparent destination. We begin from the understanding of a radical phenomenon; Which is, the “strategic” value of heritage, and it’s historical memory that recognizes them, as what they are. This value then becomes a decolonizing weapon of thought, making them valid tools to demonstrate and preserve the Native American identity.

Our generation faces a far-reaching challenge since it has been shown that communication has never been as involved as it is now, in the battle of ideas for the moral, cultural and political direction of society.

Abya Nation is a research documentary project developed by the Ecuadorian artist Bayardo Chávez and his wife Laly Cabrera beginning in 2002; together with the aim of learning about the authentic reality of the indigenous world located in the Ecuadorian Alpine Tundra. For this purpose, the rural community of Zumbahua was chosen as a case study, and as the initial reference point of the investigation.

In Zumbahua the production team found clues and traces of a story that went beyond what books or travelers tell. A story from another time, from another world. The investigation brought back film material about the life of the Kechwia community of Zumbahua, that at the time did not reveal the message they recovered.

It was with the passing of time and with the development of the initial investigation, that a larger working hypothesis was visualized, which allows us to know in-depth the history of the first nations and their migratory movements.

With this objective, the research team led by Director of Cinema Bayardo Chavez continued the search for a common thread between official history and the untold story about the first nations and their reality in the Americas.

With this premise it was possible to demonstrate a similarity between the original peoples from the arrival of Columbus in 1492 to the Bahamas until today; the expulsion of their original lands and the beginning of an unprecedented migration movement that continues on even today.

Thus was born the “One Nation, from Sumak Kawsay to Abya Yala” and thanks to the vision inspired by the Kechwa communities of the Ecuadorian Andes, we developed the production of an audiovisual expedition to the land of another legendary town; The Illinis in Chicago IL. Traveling along the Route of the Iroquois Confederation we find that far from being the end of our search, what arose was the beginning of a risky, complex and long adventure. This became our road map towards the construction of a significant project for the audience of the original peoples throughout the continent.